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Customer Info: Matt and Susan, Portland OR

Job Description: Refinish bath tub

Customer Comment:

We decided to get our bath tub refinished a long time before redoing the wall around it. We contacted Dennis long before the job was to be done. He was always very prompt and very nice. When we were finally ready to have it done, he was easy to work with on the scheduling and showed up exactly on time the day it was to be done. Two hours later it looked brand new. A couple days later, I had to do some messy work with the tile around the tub. Despite what I thought might damage the refinishing job, the tub still looks brand new. Dennis is great to work with and does a fantastic job. Highly recommended!

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Customer Info: Das Kamhout, Portland OR

Job Description: Refinish Shower/Tub Insert

Customer Comment:

Emailed Dennis to get a quote, was reasonable so called and made arrangements for 2 weeks out. Dennis showed up on time and quickly got to work on the shower/tub insert. He spent the majority of the time prepping the bathroom and the last 40-60 minutes spraying on the 5 coats. He brings a fan along that exhausts out a window or door, this is very necessary since the fumes are very strong. We fortunately were not staying at our house that night and therefore escaped the residue fumes from the curing of the tub. He was in and out in about 4hrs total.

Our white with gold speckle tub/shower insert from the 60's/70's had a few scratches and dents, and just needed an overhaul before we put our house on the market. We considered putting in a new shower, but after experiencing this in another bathroom (and finding many hidden costs in our old home remodels) we opted for the refinish, and boy were we glad. Great work by Dennis/ABR. I would definitely recommend him to others.

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