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Customer Info: Emily P., Portland OR

Job Description: Refinished old clawfoot bathtub and applied a slip-resistant finish to the floor of the tub.

Customer Comment:

Dennis gave me a bid over the phone and explained what would be involved with the refinishing my tub. He answered all my questions regarding how long I would have to wait until using the tub (about 24 hours) and let me know that there would be some fumes. I couldn't be at home during the day the work was being done, but was happy to come home in the evening to a beautifully refinished tub. The fumes from the work were pretty strong, but Dennis had done his best to minimize the smell by keeping fans blowing while the work was being done. The back of the tub had always had a problem with a small puddle of sitting water that would not flow to the drain. Dennis recommended buying supports designed for lifting the back of the tub.

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Customer Info: Judith K., Lake Oswego, OR

Job Description: Bathtub Strip and Refinish

Customer Comment:

I was very pleased with the overall operation. Dennis arrived right on schedule (something not all repair people do) and set to work. The work was finished promptly and efficiently. Dennis took care to clean up everything when he was finished, and talked to me about how to care for the tub, what to expect, and suggested several caulking and cleaning products to use. He was professional and thorough. Apparently the previous owner of my home had done photo development in this bathtub. It was a mess! Dennis removed the previous refinishing surface and applied the new finish. Even though I had neglected to tell him previously that I would like the tub refinished in an almond color, he immediately asked me about it, and had the color on hand. The tub now matches the bathroom's toilet and wash basin.

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