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What type of warranty do we offer?

We do warranty all of our work. However, warranties vary depending on the type of service. To see which warranty category you fall into, please check out our warranty page.

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What type of cleaning products can be used on a refinished product?

There are definetly cleaners that we recommend as well as cleaners that should not be used. Please read the cleaning instructions on your warranty or view the warranty page to read the cleaning instructions.

We recommended using these ...

  • Simple Green
  • 409

DO NOT using these, they will void your warranty ...

  • Bleach (Or any product using it)
  • Chlorine (Or any product using it)
  • Any abrasives ( i.e. Ajax or Comet)
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How long does the refinishing process take?

Although the process time varies depending on the type of facility, surface, and its condition, the average time it takes to complete a refinishing job is from 2 - 5 hours.

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